N 94 Stone

N 94 Stone
N 94 Stone

In the new N Series the raw materials have been processed using the most modern technologies but following an artisanal approach without an assembly line, to guarantee a degree of finish and a quality standard unmatched on the market. The standard that distinguishes the N Series is that of quality.

A wood stove forged from a perfect mix of craftsmanship and robotic industrialization. A concentrate of design, technology and top materials, selected to make you appreciate the pleasant warmth and the great savings that alone a wood stove can give.
N 94 Stone

Tekniska egenskaper

    • Height Kitchen*: 870 mm (excluding upstand 40x15mm - HxD)
    • 30 mm stainless steel top
    • Polished cast iron rims
    • 8 mm steel radiant plate
    • Maxi combustion chamber (depth 40 cm)
    • Combustion chamber in refractory material and cast iron grate
    • Superflame® certified combustion system
    • Fire door with self-cleaning silk-screened ceramic glass
    • Combustion air regulation always cold
    • Manual regulation of primary and secondary air
    • Removable ash drawer
    • Large wood compartment or object holder with a capacity of up to 70 kg
    • Riser with ventilation holes
    • Smoke outlet upper and rear right
    • Solid steel handrail
    • Start-up with fumes bypass key
    • Stainless steel oven with grill and molded pan on telescopic guides
    • Oven door with silk-screened glass and thermometer
    • Handles in fine walnut wood
    • Oven door and fire door with metal mesh gaskets
    • Maxi 40 L oven (350 mm wide)
    • Fume circuit with double smoke pass and refractory material
    • External air intake External air®


Tekniska data

    • Bredd: 940 mm
    • Total nominell effekt: 8,8 kW
    • Höjd*:  870 mm
    • Verkningsgrad vid nominell effekt: 85,5 %
    • Djup: 600 mm
    • Max. effekt: 13 kW
    • Ugnens mått (bxdxh): 350x430x260 mm
    • Vikt: 223 Kg