Our Passion

· Our passion for Kitchens ·

We have been a family-run company for over a century. Time has allowed us to develop the experience that today, combined with the use of the most modern technologies, makes us a brand known for our high quality and reliable products, made the old fashion way but perfect for the present. We are a dynamic company working at a European level, producing a wide range of wood-burning cookers and thermo-cookers, hoods, wood-burning stoves and thermo stoves. Beautiful, functional and made to last: as our passion.  

A history of quality

· Handcrafted Avant-garde ·

Everything was born from the first kitchen made by Carlo Rizzoli in 1912. Since then, the raw materials are processed with front-runner production systems but following a handcraft approach: in Rizzoli there's no assembly line. Each one of our products is hand-assembled by our technicians to guarantee the highest quality standards. Because we know that Rizzoli is not only a brand: over the past one hundred years has shown who we are and how we work.

Custom-made wood-burning cooker

· Personalization ·

Made-to-measure wood-burning cookers best reflects our potential.
Nothing is pre-established: the customer can choose shape, height, size, finishes, colours, details and accessories to make their kitchen unique. A very important role is played by our design office and the artisans of the Rizzoli workshop who, with passion, experience and the utmost care, ensure unique creations with attention to the smallest details. Rizzoli has a complete range of custom-made steel hoods, stainless-steel hobs, pieces of furniture and sinks, highly customizable.

Certified Quality

· Forerunner Products ·

All our products are certified by an external laboratory, certified at European level, according to the EN 12815 standard and meet the Austrian law Art.15a, the German Standard BImSchV Stufe 2 and the French Flamme Verte.
Rizzoli wants to create forerunner products, respecting the environment and the strictest regulations with the revolutionary SuperFlame and H2O System certified combustion systems that give out more heat from the wood, cutting down to the bare minimum consumption and emissions.

Ten Green Rules

Our products are designed to assure a great combustion performance but the effectiveness of their technology is neutralized if used incorrectly. To help you properly use the products, we've created our Ten Green Rules for you.

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