Worktops, Furniture and Sinks


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Worktops, Furniture and Sinks


big drawer

The stainless-steel furniture go from standard sized models to highly customizable creations. They can be customized in both size and in shape. They can change according to the space and needs of the client. You can ask our design team anything, even from an aesthetic point of view. The careful selection of materials and the application of the latest technologies guarantee maximum strength and durability, without compromising on design and elegance.

Rizzoli has furniture made entirely of stainless steel, a material that is notoriously easy to clean and highly hygienic. Highly customizable in size and finishing.

Tax Deductions

Take advantage of tax deductions

If you are thinking of buying a biomass heating product between Rizzoli products, depending on the model you choose, you have the possibility to take advantage of various tax advantages.

Only in Italy

Technical Specifications

    • Stainless steel top: 30 o 40mm with different finishes
    • Top in AISI 304 steel Scotch Brite finish
    • Width Adjustable Plinth
    • Adjustable leveling height feet
    • Soft Closing Wood cushioned box
    • Adjustable leveling height feet
    • Easy cleaning on all surfaces
    • Finishes: Inox, Variant, Epoka, Painted
    • Standard door with handle or knob
    • Door with throttle

Technical Data

    • Length: 450 mm
    • Adjustable Height: 850-910 mm
    • Width: 600 mm


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