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Ten Green Rules

Our products are designed to assure a great combustion performance but the effectiveness of their technology is neutralized if used incorrectly. To help you properly use the products, we've created our Ten Green Rules for you.

To help you properly use the products, we've created our Ten Green Rules for you.

Discover our Ten Green Rules

Start off
on the right foot

The product has to be installed by a professional, by carrying out all prior verification and every necessary arrangement. Don't trust fate and approximation: a badly installed kitchen is nonperforming and pollutes more.

Flue pipe,
important element

The flue pipe has a main role for the good functioning of the product. To have a good combustion and low emissions, the flue pipe has to comply with every necessary requirement: size, insulation, etc... Carefully follow the owner's manual to learn more.

Is the system well organized?

Thermo-cookers and thermo stoves need a heating system planned and created by qualified personnel. A well-organized system has optimal consumptions and functioning.

Wood, my friend

Wood is a renewable energy source. Taken from special crops or controlled tree felling, it leaves the eco-environmental balance of the forest unchanged.

Attention to
wood curing

Wood has to be cured and stored in a dry and aired place. A well-cured log loses part of its humidity easing the lighting, increasing its thermal efficiency and, therefore, decreasing pollution.

Purely wood,
simply wood

Burn only natural chopped wood. Don't use either varnished nor chemically treated wood nor what derives from industrial processes. This kind of material is waste and has to be treated as such.

Your wood-burning cook stove
is not an incinerator!

Absolutely avoid using paper, plastic and any other type of waste as fuel. In addition to damaging the product and the environment, you could also put your health at risk.

Air handling,
get a grip on it

Setting the combustion properly is important in reducing smoke emissions to the bare minimum. Carefully read the instructions of the kitchen for primary and secondary air regulation, you will get effective combustion with controlled emissions.

under control

The product has to be kept efficient and clean. Therefore, regularly clean the combustion chamber and every internal part. The flue pipe must be periodically checked and cleaned by a specialized technician. That's the only way to have an “environmentally friendly” combustion.

Long live the steel

Rizzoli products are mostly made from steel, the most recycled material in the world. In this way, it will be easy to make an ecological reuse.