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Rizzoli for the environment

Rizzoli cherishes the environment.

That is why we constantly intensify our efforts in creating increasingly eco-friendly wood-burning cookers, thermo-cookers, stoves and thermo stoves. Therefore, we feel like saying that to choose a Rizzoli product means contributing to maintaining the delicate environmental balance of planet Earth unchanged.

Through strict laboratory tests carried out at international institutes, the excellent operation of the entire product line has been certified, marked by high performances and low emissions of fine particles. Each one of these models has been marked with Rizzoli’s Green Leaf, symbol for the low environmental impact of our products. But this is not the only reason why the environment will thank you: wood still is the fuel that respects the most the environment and our delicate planet. If you buy a Rizzoli wood-burning product, you are making a renewable, low-cost and local choice.

Rizzoli and the Environment | Rizzoli cucine


Wood is a renewable energy source and it’s neutral because it doesn't contribute to the raise of CO2 in the atmosphere. In fact, during combustion the wood emits the same identical substances that it would release with its natural degradation.

Rizzoli and the Environment | Rizzoli cucine


Heating with wood also means saving money. In most situations, wood is still the cheapest fuel on the market.

Rizzoli and the Environment | Rizzoli cucine


It is almost always locally available, with obvious advantages for transport, distribution and environmental impact costs.

Rizzoli still firmly believes in this philosophy, so much so that research is concentrated exclusively on wood-burning-based products. The natural consequence of this commitment is that every Rizzoli product respects the environment and has obtained the certification of the most important international bodies.