We have been a family-run company for over a century.

Time has allowed us to develop the experience that today combined with the use of the most modern technologies, makes us a brand known for our high quality and reliable products, made the old fashion way but perfect for the present. We are a dynamic company working at a European level, producing a wide range of wood-burning cookers and thermo-cookers, hoods, wood-burning stoves and thermo stoves. We are a brave company, made of passionate people that chase their goals with commitment and perseverance. Because we know that Rizzoli is not only a brand: over the past one hundred years has shown who we are and how we work.

Rizzoli was born more than 100 years ago in the heart of Val di Fiemme, close to the majestic Dolomite mountain ranges, UNESCO's World Heritage.

Rizzoli, founded in 1912 by Carlo Rizzoli a black and tin smith, was born as a workshop in a small laboratory in the old town centre of Cavalese (TN).

Initially dedicated only to the construction of wood-burning cookers in the traditional Dolomite style, over time the company broadened its horizons with personalized kitchens with increasingly modern lines under the leadership of Ezio Rizzoli, Carlo’s son. In 1980, the artisanal company became a small industry and it was relocated in the industrial area of Cavalese. After a few years, the company was taken over from the founder’s grandsons, Carlo and Giulio. They completed the transformation that makes Rizzoli a forerunner industry in its field, with business expanding across half of Europe. The production of wood-burning cookers, now divided in different ranges with specific characteristics, is coupled with thermo-cookers, stoves, thermo stoves and hoods.

The factory is a modern structure well integrated in the surrounding environment.

For four generations Rizzoli has been looking to the future

The success of Rizzoli required a bigger production space. So in 2014 the headquarters were moved to San Lugano, in the industrial area of Trudner (BZ), in the Trudner Horn Nature Park. Today the factory is a modern structure well integrated in the surrounding environment, almost completely built with recyclable materials. The area covers 25,000 square metres and includes all the core departments of the company: design, production and showroom.

We have recently entered the company's second centenary: with the arrival of the fourth generation, the Rizzoli family looks at the future with the same philosophy and passion of its founder, Carlo Rizzoli. One hundred-year-long history of a brand that has become a flagship for quality kitchens.


Our values
for over 100 years

Rizzoli is still today an artisan workshop like the one in the historic center of Cavalese.

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