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Suggestions to make a good installation

Rizzoli thermo-cookers and thermo stoves are easy to install. Before installing we advise to verify the necessary space, the possibility to respect safety distances, the right configuration of the chimney and the possibility of making the necessary connections.

Installations Suggestions | Rizzoli cucine

Components of the chimney.
A= Kitchen, B= connector or fume duct, C= flue pipe, D= chimney pot, E= reflow zone

Installations Suggestions | Rizzoli cucine

Correct positioning of the chimney

    The chimney

    The chimney is fundamental for the proper functioning of wood-burning cookers, thermo-cookers, stoves and thermo stoves. Rizzoli’s products are designed to ensure high-performances, but they are influenced by the functioning of the chimney. If it has defects or does not comply with technical construction standards, correct operation is not guaranteed. The chimney has to be built with heat-resistant materials to withstand high temperatures and in compliance with fire safety regulations. The type of heat-resistant material is not important, once it fits its purpose and that the chimney is well insulated.

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Air intake

The standard installation of wood-burning cookers, thermo-cookers, stoves and thermo stoves considers that the comburent air is taken from the room where it is installed through its air entry. In this case, the room should always have fresh air ventilation, especially if it is small and there are airtight doors and windows. The room must have the right air supply also if there are other combustion-based devices, hoods, chimneys and airways. The air entry in the room must have a minimum area of 80 cm2. Upon request, Rizzoli can supply valves specifically designed to allow automatic opening of the air entry only when necessary, to guarantee maximum depression of 4 Pa in the installation room. If needed, Rizzoli products can also be installed with a connection outdoors to take the comburent air directly outside. Therefore, another air entry in the installation room would not be necessary for the wood-burning cookers and thermo-cookers: just install a duct connected outdoors and make a direct connection with the air entry on the product. In the wood-burning cookers and thermo-cookers it is located inside the plinth, where there is the combustion chamber.

Installations Suggestions | Rizzoli cucine Installations Suggestions | Rizzoli cucine

Installation with air entry in the room.
Installation with external air entry directly connected to the wood-burning cooker.

Installations Suggestions | Rizzoli cucine

Possible connections of the wood-burning cooker air entry. A = External air entry not connected, B = External air entry on the floor, C = External air entry on the wall.