Our Philosophy of the best.

Quality is the basic requirement of each one of our products.

Quality is the basic requirement of each one of our products. We stand out because we want to improve every day to satisfy a market that continuously changes in tastes and needs.

When we design a product, we think to the user. That is why we carefully select materials, optimize processes, test functionalities and study aesthetics.
If we are satisfied, we do something more.

The markets we are confronted with offer us new challenges every day.

The future belongs to those who think ahead.

For us, innovation is not a goal: it's a way of working. Every year we invest great part of our resources in Research & Development because we know that improving is the only way to offer a high-quality product.

The markets we are confronted with offer us new challenges every day. At Rizzoli we develop technical solutions with products that are innovative and ahead of their time. This is possible with thanks to our Research & Development department. For them, experimentation and steady improvement of the product at the core of every choice.

Rizzoli products have forerunner finishing, functions and design.

All products are designed, created and finally tested in our internal laboratory with the help of the most modern technologies. Another guarantee of the quality process that allows us to create a range of world-renowned products.


Certified and Sustainable

In Rizzoli we want to create forerunner products, respecting the strictest regulations. Because we know that quality, to be world-renowned, has to be certified first.

Our engineers work every day to improve our processes, with particular focus on environment. Within our Research & Development department, new combustion systems are developed and tested as the latest SuperFlame and H2O Systems, which allow to give out more heat from the wood, cutting down consumption and emissions. All our products are certified by an external laboratory, certified at European level, according to the European laws and complying with the limits for emissions required by the Austrian law Art.15a, the German Standard BImSchV Stufe 2, the Swiss VKF, the French Flamme Verte and the 186/2017 statutory instrument on emissions and performances for the Po Valley. For their high performance, all our products are into the energy efficiency classes A and A+.

Art 15a B-VG
Flamme Verte
Energy label A+
Certificazione ambientale 3 stelle
Certificazione ambientale 4 stelle
Energy label A
Eco Design 2022
Energy label A++ CAPPE
Energy label A+ CAPPE
Energy label A - CAPPE
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