Custom-made quality

In a world that is quickly changing,
flexibility is fundamental.

Rizzoli knows that well, this is why we have learnt how to shape the material to meet the market needs. As the needs of architects, who bring their projects in every day to turn them into reality.

Custom-made products (wood-burning cookers, thermo-cookers and hoods) best reflect our potential. Nothing is pre-established: the customer can choose shape, height, size, finishes, colours, details and accessories to make their product unique.
The only standard that defines what we do is quality.

Custom-made products best reflect our potential.

Everything starts from an idea.

The path to a custom-made product starts from a creative spark, a shape or simply an idea.

With thanks to the collaborative work of Rizzoli’s interior designers and specialized technicians, the customers see every detail, both constructive and aesthetic, of their idea grow.

Handmade Quality | Rizzoli cucine
Handmade Quality | Rizzoli cucine

From theory to practice.

Once the final project is established, the actual creation of the product starts. To do so, Rizzoli uses 2D and 3D CAD design systems, as well as sophisticated CAM rendering and development programs. Thanks to them, every single part of a customized wood-burning cooker is produced.

Once the parts are created in the software, it’s up to the modern and technological sheet metal processing machinery, which works with the utmost precision.

Handmade Quality | Rizzoli cucine

The irreplaceable artisanal touch.

A very important role is played by the artisans of the Rizzoli workshop who, with passion, experience and the utmost care, perform dozens of handmade processes, ensuring unique creations with attention to the smallest details.

Handmade Quality | Rizzoli cucine

Artisans in Rizzoli work with passion, experience and obsessive care.