Fully Italian Manufacturing.

Each and everyone of our products is designed and made in Italy, in our facility in Truden (BZ) in Alto Adige.

The building holds in a single place: production, the Research & Development laboratory, offices and a wide showroom. This allows us to control every stage of the manufacturing, from the raw material to the placing of the final product on the market.
The raw materials are processed with forerunner technologies but following a handcraft approach: in Rizzoli there's no assembly line. Each one of our products is hand-assembled by our technicians to guarantee the highest quality standards.

In Rizzoli there's no assembly line. Each one of our products is hand-assembled by our technicians.

Everything starts from raw materials.

You can't make an excellent product without excellent raw materials. That's why every material has to pass many tests before being selected.

Only the most resistant and refined materials are processed by our technicians to produce unique long-lasting products.
We only use environmentally friendly materials: environmentally sustainable and fully recyclable, they are the perfect choice for those who care about our planet.

Our Work | Rizzoli cucine
Our Work | Rizzoli cucine

Sheet Metal Cut

Specialized in-house technicians, using modern 3D CAD modelling software, design and study all the components that will create our products.
The construction of a wood-burning cooker begins with the laser cutting of sheet metals of different thickness and material.

Our laser cutting machines are capable of cutting sheet metal with the precision of one tenth of a millimetre.

Our Work | Rizzoli cucine

Sheets Metals Take Shape

After laser cutting of the sheet metals the parts are bent and shaped with the help of numerically controlled press brakes.
Inside our bending department there are robotic press brakes and manual press brakes that are used by highly specialized technicians and employees.

Our Work | Rizzoli cucine

The Soldering Bond

The soldering of the different parts is made by our precious experienced and professional technicians.

For some special components, such as the boilers of our thermo-cookers and thermo-stoves, the soldering is carried out by the latest generation of soldering robots.

Our Work | Rizzoli cucine

Paint Colours

We believe that to get a high-quality product, every step of sheet metal processing has to be made within the factory.
For this reason our product is painted within our varnish machinery. Every single part is degreased, dried and finally painted. After painting, the surfaces are double-checked for possible defects. We only use high-quality paints able to withstand high temperatures.

Our Work | Rizzoli cucine

No Assembly Line

After painting, we proceed to the assembly of the semi-processed products created exclusively within our factory.

The final assembly of the components is performed by highly qualified staff. In Rizzoli there's not an assembly line, each one of our products is assembled by our technicians from beginning to end, to guarantee the highest quality standards.

Our Work | Rizzoli cucine

A heart of bricks

The heart of Rizzoli kitchens is not randomly chosen. Bricks and refractory mortars are produced by certified leading companies. Their composition allows the accumulation of heat as well as the best combustion efficiency, thus ensuring a high efficiency and a reduced emission of polluting substances.

Our Work | Rizzoli cucine

Quality Control

At the end of the assembly process, each stove is subjected to a rigorous final control, both mechanical and aesthetical, to guarantee high-quality and functional Rizzoli products.

Our Work | Rizzoli cucine

An artisan soul,
but with cutting-edge technology

All our products are assembled by hand by our technicians to guarantee the highest quality standards.

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