Wood-burning Cookers

FE 100


FE 100
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Wood-burning Cookers
FE 100


The great quantity of refractory material used in the combustion chamber and in the double flue smoke system allows storage of a great quantity of heat produced during combustion. It constantly and gradually releases heat over hours, even when the wood-burning cooker is off, maintaining the heat in the room. A wide range of finishes and choices is available, to comply with every request.

Wood-burning cookers dedicated especially to stove makers. They don't have a base and coating to be added according to the taste of the client.


Technical Specifications

    • Height*: 538 - 548 mm  (excluding upstand 60x15mm - HxD)
      • with 30 mm thick top: height 538 mm
      • with 40 mm thick top: height 548 mm
    • 30 or 40 mm Stainless Steel Top
    • Steel or Glass ceramic radiant plate
    • Airtight Fire Door
    • Combustion chamber made of Certified refractory material
    • Double Flue Smoke System with refractory material
    • Certified combustion system Superflame®
    • Primary and Secondary Air automatic regulation
    • Pre-heated Secondary Air
    • Ignition with Bypass Key
    • Regulation/Closing of vent to the outside
    • Quick-release oven door with double-glazed glass
    • Oven with Thermometer
    • Oven with Steam-conditioning valves
    • Oven with Pyrolytic Coating
    • Pyrolytic coated baking tray on Telescopic rails
    • Oven grill grid

Technical Data

    • Length: 1000 mm
    • Height*:  538 - 548 mm
    • Potenza nominale: 8 kW
    • Width: 600 mm
    • Nominal Power Performance: 86,4%
    • Dimensioni forno: 450x430x260 mm
    • Maximum Power: 12,5 kW