Wood-burning thermo-cookers

STP Combi

with oven

STP Combi
Wood-burning thermo-cookers
STP Combi

with oven

The combined wood-burning thermo-cookers are made with a wood-burning thermo-cooker of the STP ranges combined with a gas cooker with 5 burners and electric oven. Upon request, the glass ceramic or induction hob is available. The STP range thermo-cookers, with open vessel system, stand out for their innovative design and the possibility of supplying both water for the heating system and the domestic circuit separately. Many customizations and aesthetic variations available.

The products are made up of two combined elements. The wood-burning thermo-cooker of S Range can be paired with a block with appliances of your choice.


Technical Specifications

    • H2O System Certified combustion system
    • Height*: 850 mm (excluding upstand 40x15mm - HxD)
    • Steel Radiant Plate
    • Vent to the Outside
    • Airtight Fire Door
    • Self-cleaning Double-Glazed Ceramic Glass Fire Door
    • High thickness steel boiler
    • Stainless steel boiler protection
    • Adjustable height wood loading
    • Control unit with acoustic signals
    • Integrated heating circuit pump
    • Instant production of domestic hot water
    • Domestic hot water prevalence
    • Integrated safety system with open vessel
    • Ready for installation on a closed vessel system
    • Stainless steel coil heat exchange system
    • Primary and Secondary Air automatic regulation
    • Pre-heated Secondary Air
    • Ignition with Bypass Key
    • Regulation/Closing of vent to the outside
    • Insulated Handles
    • Front handrail
    • Stainless Steel Oven
    • Side-opening Glass Oven Door
    • Oven with Light and Thermometer
    • Oven with Steam-conditioning valves
    • Pyrolytic coated baking tray on Telescopic rails and Oven grill grid
    • Natural thermal convection on the sides
    • Furniture for Built-in Appliances
    • You can choose your appliances and kitchen position
    • 4 Burner Gas Hob + 1 Triple Ring Burner
    • Cast iron oven grids
    • Gas Safety Valve
    • Electric Ignition
    • Multi-function Electric Oven Class A
    • 8 Functions with Tangential Ventilator
    • Start/Stop Electronic Timer

Technical Data

    • Length: 1800 mm
    • Total Nominal Power: 11,3-30,7 kW
    • Height*: 850 mm
    • Water Nominal Power: 6,5-20,3 kW
    • Width: 600 mm
    • Heating Nominal power: 4,7-10,4 kW
    • Size of the Oven (lxhxw): 300x279x430 mm
    • Nominal Power Performance: 80,3-70,2%
    • Weight: 360 Kg