Wood-burning stoves


Wood-burning stoves

Created for the most sophisticated and refined rooms, the X Vision range maximizes the concept of home hearth. Every “excess“ has been eliminated, in favour of a clean and minimal design that highlights extraordinarily the sight of the fire that almost seems to be floating in air. A solid base is the only element supporting the large combustion chamber: the true cornerstone of the range that catches everyone’s attention.

Created for the most sophisticated and refined environments, the X Vision Series extremes the concept of a home hearth.

Technical Specifications

    • Vent to the Outside - External Air®
    • Primary, secondary and tertiary air regulation
    • Certified Combustion System Superflame®
    • Glazed Ceramic Glass Fire Door - Shiny Glass®
    • Fire door with automatic safety lock
    • Upper smoke outlet
    • Rear smoke outlet
    • Hermetic steel body
    • Ash Cast iron rotating grate
    • Removable ash drawer
    • Combustion chamber in high density vermiculite
    • Insulated Handles in painted steel
    • Floor cover plate (optional)


Technical Data

    • Length: 534 mm
    • Nominal Power: 10,4 kW
    • Width: 464 mm
    • Performance: 89,5%
    • Height: 1300 mm
    • Maximum Power: 12 kW
    • Combustion chamber (lxh): 372x350 mm
    • Weight: 126 Kg