Wood-burning Professional cookers

PRO 130

PRO 130
Wood-burning Professional cookers
PRO 130

The careful selection of materials and the application of the latest technologies guarantee maximum strength and durability, without compromising on design and elegance.

It’s the wood-burning cooker range created for the professional restaurant industry. From the two basic wood-burning cookers, the range can expand with highly customizable monoblocks.


Technical Specifications

    • Height Kitchen*: 870 mm (excluding upstand 60x20mm - HxD)
    • Surround Heat® side-insulated system
    • Certified Combustion System Superflame®
    • Combustion chamber made of Certified refractory material
    • Double Flue Smoke System with refractory material
    • Maxi combustion chamber with width 610 mm
    • Primary and Secondary Air automatic regulation
    • Vent to the Outside
    • Airtight Fire Door
    • Top in AISI 304 steel Scotch Brite finish
    • Steel top thickness 50 mm
    • High performance Steel Radiant Plate from12 mm
    • Stainless Steel Oven with electric illumination
    • Oven door with double glass and thermometer
    • Oven with tray on telescopic guides and grid
    • Oven with Steam-conditioning valves
    • Oven compatible with Gastronorm GN 2/1 trays
    • Large wood box on sliding rails
    • Thermally insulated steel handles
    • Stainless steel plinth
    • Smoke outlet above, behind or on the right or left side
    • Easy cleaning on all surfaces

Technical Data

    • Length: 1300 mm
    • Total Nominal Power: 8 kW
    • Height*: 870 mm
    • Nominal Power Performance: 86,4%
    • Width: 800 mm
    • Maximum Power: 14 kW
    • Size of the Oven (lxhxw): 550 x 660 x 260 mm
    • Plate: 1110 x 680 mm
    • Weight: 415 Kg