Wood-burning Professional cookers


Wood-burning Professional cookers

The careful selection of materials and the application of the latest technologies guarantee maximum strength and durability, without compromising on design and elegance.

It’s the wood-burning thermo-cooker range created for the professional restaurant industry. From the two basic wood-burning thermo-cooker, the range can expand with highly customizable monoblocks.

Technical Specifications

    • Height*: 870 mm (excluding upstand 60x20mm - HxD)
    • H2O System Certified combustion system
    • Predisposition for thermal discharge
    • High thickness steel boiler
    • Adjustable height wood loading
    • Double fume circuit
    • Maxi combustion chamber with width 480 mm
    • Primary and Secondary Air automatic regulation
    • Vent to the Outside External air®
    • Airtight Fire Door
    • Top in AISI 304 steel Scotch Brite finish
    • Steel top thickness 50 mm
    • High performance Steel Radiant Plate from12 mm
    • Stainless Steel Oven with electric illumination
    • Oven door with double glass and thermometer
    • Oven with tray on telescopic guides and grid
    • Oven with Steam-conditioning valves
    • Oven compatible with GastronormGN 1/1 trays
    • Large wood box on sliding rails
    • Thermally insulated steel handles
    • Stainless steel plinth
    • Smoke outlet above, behind or on the right or left side
    • Easy cleaning on all surfaces

Technical Data

    • Length: 1100 mm
    • Total Nominal Power: 11,3-22,3 kW
    • Height*: 870 mm
    • Water Nominal Power: 6,5-15,1 kW
    • Width: 700 mm
    • Heating Nominal power: 4,7-7,1 kW
    • Size of the Oven (lxhxw): 550 x 530 x 260 mm
    • Nominal Power Performance: 80,3-75,7%
    • Plate: 960 x 580 mm
    • Weight: 400 Kg