Wood-burning Cookers


without oven

immagine TT SF
Wood-burning Cookers


without oven

This range is the symbol of the 30’s wood-burning cooker, inspired by the past to create something unique with a vintage style. The TT range has a classic style to dip into the past, without compromising on functionality and innovation.

Rizzoli's special feature. Unique creations designed and created to make the room where they will be installed unique. The client can make infinite design and aesthetic choices.

certificazione CE
certificazione Art 15a B-VG
certificazione BImSchV
certificazione Flamme Verte
certificazione VFK
certificazione Energy label A
certificazione Ősterreichischer Kachelofenverband
certificazione Partner Casaclima-Klimahaus
certificazione HKI
certificazione Spazzacamini svizzera

Tax Deductions

Take advantage of tax deductions

If you are thinking of buying a biomass heating product between Rizzoli products, depending on the model you choose, you have the possibility to take advantage of various tax advantages.

Only in Italy

Technical Specifications

    • Antique Black Colour
    • Brass Handrail on Three Sides
    • Brass Knobs
    • Steel Radiant Plate
    • Airtight Fire Door
    • Combustion chamber made of Certified refractory material
    • Primary and Secondary Air Regulation

Technical Data

    • Length: a scelta
    • Width: 600 mm
    • Height: a scelta
    • Total Nominal Power: 6,5 kW
    • Nominal Power Performance: 71,1 %


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