Quality plus for a product of excellence


A perfect synthesis of beauty and functionality

To create an awesome product we use only high quality materials, environmentally sustainable and totally recyclable.


Space to creativity.

Total planning

Support from Rizzoli
experienced technicians

CAD 3D drawing

Unique and


Awesome raw materials for awesome cookers

Selected steel
from certified suppliers

Radiating plates
8 mm thickness

Certified bricks
high thickness

Ceramic glasses
resistance 900°


Combustion has never been so clean

Surround Heat System
Surround Heat System
The wood-burning cookers with the certified SurroundHeat system allow them to be built-in to the furniture just 2 mm away. They guarantee safety in all installation situations and conditions.
Superflame System
Superflame System
An innovative certified combustion system that through the emission of pre-heated secondary air, ensures better performance, less consumption, and lower emissions.
External Air
External Air
The comburent air for combustion, through the set-up for external air entry, is taken from outside and is the perfect solution for passive houses and CaseClima.
Air Control
Air Control
The automatic draught regulator automatically increases or reduces the quality of comburent air, optimizing and reducing wood consumption.

High degree
of craft specialization

No assembly

Dozens of manual
processes every day

quality check

All products are assembled by hand.


The unique and inimitable wood cooking.

Powerful and
natural heat

Exaltation of
the meals flavor

Aromas release
from the combustion

Ideal cooking
for a lot of meals


The primeval and mesmerizing view of the fire


PE range without oven

PE range with oven

PE combi range without oven

PE combi range with oven

PE range on the corner without oven

Corner PE range with oven

Corner PE combi range without oven

Corner PE combi range with oven

Unique solution without oven

Unique solution without oven

Unique solution with oven

Unique solution with oven

TT range without oven

TT range with oven

TT combi range without oven

TT combi range with oven