Wood-burning thermo stoves


without oven

immagine TSK 60 SF
Wood-burning thermo stoves


without oven

Designed and created to heat a house, they allow to independently heat an apartment, have domestic hot water. Connected to a heating system, they guarantee all the necessary heat. Many customizations and aesthetic variations available.

TSK range thermo-stoves are the evolution of the TS model to which a special hydraulic kit is added, to facilitate the connection with the plumbing and heating system.
certificazione CE
certificazione Energy label A
certificazione Ősterreichischer Kachelofenverband
certificazione Partner Casaclima-Klimahaus
certificazione HKI

Tax Deductions

Take advantage of tax deductions

If you are thinking of buying a biomass heating product between Rizzoli products, depending on the model you choose, you have the possibility to take advantage of various tax advantages.

Only in Italy

Technical Specifications

    • Airtight Fire Door
    • Self-cleaning Double-Glazed Ceramic Glass Fire Door
    • Insulated Handles
    • Length of vines up to 40 cm
    • High thickness steel boiler
    • Control unit with acoustic signals
    • Integrated heating circuit pump
    • Instant production of domestic hot water
    • Domestic hot water prevalence
    • Integrated thermal discharge safety system
    • Ready for installation on a closed vessel system
    • Plate heat exchange system
    • Boiler water temperature thermometer
    • Primary and Secondary Air automatic regulation
    • Pre-heated Secondary Air
    • Natural thermal convection on the sides

Technical Data

    • Length: 590 mm
    • Total Nominal Power: 17,7 kW
    • Height: 1280 mm
    • Water Nominal Performance: 12,5 kW
    • Width: 733 mm
    • Heating Nominal Performance: 5,2 kW
    • Nominal Power Performance: 75,2%
    • Weight: 265 Kg


Download the pdf files related to the series

Configure your product

Rizzoli has a valid tool to make your ideas come true: customize the model with a range of choices and options by request* available online. And if you want to give an extra personal touch, come and see us or write to us: we have many other options to show you to build your custom kitchen! 
You can download a pdf of the project as a reminder or send it directly to the company for further information.
*Options by request have an additional cost compared to the price of the standard model. If you choose a standard product there are no additional costs.

Rizzoli is constantly improving its products. For this reason, the technical and aesthetic characteristics of this configurator may change without previous notice. Thanks to the wide possibility of aesthetic and constructive customization of the product, in addition to the range choices and options by request, other customizations that cannot be displayed in the configurator are possible (after feasibility check).

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