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New STP without oven - STP SF 2019

Range Description

The new STP has been completely redesigned, both in terms of technology and design. Inside, the innovative H2O System® certified combustion system is always present, guaranteeing even higher performance and certified yields up to 87.9%. This extraordinary achievement has allowed the new STP to fall within the limits set by the environmental certification (D.M. 186/2017) obtaining 4 stars. Also the fumes circuit has been renewed, which is now double and is able to offer uniform oven cooking. Externally we find a completely renewed, more modern and appealing design, which uses new precious finishes in hand-made majolica and serpentine stone; a brand new glass keypad with touch controls; new handles in precious wood and satin steel that give a more refined design; a wood box with a push-pull opening system. Finally many improvements also in the oven, which now has a brand new lighting system, double glazing and a new thermometer. The STP Series is equipped with numerous plant components including: circulation pump, electronic control unit, integrated safety system, level switch, flow switch, double stainless steel coils.

Quality Details


certificazione CE certificazione Art 15a B-VG certificazione BImSchV certificazione Flamme Verte certificazione VFK certificazione Ősterreichischer Kachelofenverband certificazione Energy label A+ certificazione Certificazione ambientale 4 stelle certificazione Partner Casaclima-Klimahaus

Certified technology

certificazione H2O certificazione Garanzia 6 anni certificazione External Air certificazione Touch control STP certificazione Air Control certificazione Shiny Glass

Tax Deductions

certificazione Detrazione Fiscale del 50% certificazione IVA Agevolata

Technical Specifications

    • Sistema di combustione certificato H2O System®
    • Regolazione automatica aria primaria - Air Control®
    • Aria secondaria preriscaldata
    • Presa d’aria esterna - External Air®
    • Porta fuoco con doppio vetro e sistema Shiny Glass®
    • Porta fuoco e cenere a chiusura ermetica
    • Carico legna variabile con sistema di alzagriglia
    • Cassa legna con apertura push-pull
    • Piastra radiante in acciaio ad alto rendimento
    • Fianchi aerati a convenzione termica naturale
    • Corrimano frontale
    • Centralina in vetro con comandi touch
    • Centralina di controllo con segnali acustici
    • Produzione istantanea di acqua calda sanitaria
    • Sistema di sicurezza integrato a vaso aperto
    • Sistema di scambio termico a doppie serpentine
    • Pompa per il circuito di riscaldamento
    • Flussostato di prevalenza su circuito sanitario
    • Livellostato per il controllo livello acqua caldaia
    • Valvola di sfiato automatica
    • Pronta per l’installazione a vaso chiuso

Technical Data

    • Length: 680 mm
    • Total Nominal Power: 5,7-20,7 kW
    • Height: 850 mm
    • Water Nominal Power: 2,6-9,2 kW
    • Width: 600 mm
    • Heating Nominal power: 3,1-11,5 kW
    • Nominal Power Performance: until 83,2%
    • Weight (Standard/Dekor/Maiolica/Serpentino): 230/248/252/270 kg

Configure your product

Rizzoli has a valid tool to make your ideas come true: customize the model with a range of choices and options by request* available online. And if you want to give an extra personal touch, come and see us or write to us: we have many other options to show you to build your custom kitchen! 
You can download a pdf of the project as a reminder or send it directly to the company for further information.
*Options by request have an additional cost compared to the price of the standard model. If you choose a standard product there are no additional costs.

Rizzoli is constantly improving its products. For this reason, the technical and aesthetic characteristics of this configurator may change without previous notice. Thanks to the wide possibility of aesthetic and constructive customization of the product, in addition to the range choices and options by request, other customizations that cannot be displayed in the configurator are possible (after feasibility check).

Standard range choices


Upon request options



New STP without oven - STP SF 2019