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TT combi range with oven - TT Combi CF

immagine TT Combi CF

Range Description

Designed and built for a customer that won’t do without the heat of a wood-burning cooker. A single product to cook with using every method, from the most traditional one with the special wood-burning cooker plate and to cooking with all appliances. Combined with a Rizzoli hood for high-temperatures, make a one-of-a-kind cooking area. Upon request, the fire door with panoramic glass is available. Many customizations and aesthetic variations available.

Quality Details


certificazione CE certificazione Art 15a B-VG certificazione BImSchV certificazione Flamme Verte certificazione VFK certificazione Certificazione ambientale 3 stelle certificazione Partner Casaclima-Klimahaus

Certified technology

certificazione Superflame certificazione Air Control certificazione External Air

Tax Deductions

certificazione Detrazione Fiscale del 50% certificazione IVA Agevolata

Technical Specifications

    • Steel Radiant Plate
    • Vent to the Outside
    • Airtight Fire Door
    • Combustion chamber made of Certified refractory material
    • Primary and Secondary Air automatic regulation
    • Pre-heated Secondary Air
    • Ignition with Bypass Key
    • Front handrail
    • Stainless Steel Oven
    • Glass Fire Door
    • Oven with Light and Thermometer
    • Pyrolytic enamel baking tray and Oven grill grid
    • Furniture for Built-in Appliances
    • You can choose the position of your kitchen and appliances
    • You can choose your appliances

Technical Data

    • Length: a scelta
    • Width: 600 mm
    • Height: a scelta
    • Total Nominal Power: 9,8 Kw
    • Nominal Power Performance: 75,3 %