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PRO range

Range Description

The PRO range has two standard models of wood-burning cookers and also highly customized, both in shape and in technical appliances, monoblocks. Thanks to various specially-made extensions, the wood-burning cookers in this range can change according to the space and needs of the client. You can ask our design team anything, even from an aesthetic point of view. The PRO range extensions offer maximum versatility and an infinite modularity of the range, able to satisfy the most diverse needs: from the restaurant with a high seating capacity to the small countryside house.
The PRO range has many options and accessories that improve the use of the wood-burning cooker: a double oven, the visible fire, the handrail, the plates, the backsplashes, and other accessories that can personalize the product according to the client's work system. Furthermore, thanks to the innovative combustionH2OSystem, the PRO range is available in the thermo-cooker version.