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Kitchen hoods - Corner with two extended sides

Range Description

The Corner hood is specially designed for when the wood-burning cooker or thermo-cooker and the hob are in a corner of the room. Also available in the flat version, this type of hood can change because of the shape of its body and chimney. The wide range of finishes and dimensions customization allows to satisfy every need, from the most vintage to the most modern.

Technical specifications

  • Wall Mounted
  • High-heat resistant
  • Material: 1.2mm thick steel
  • Stainless steel overlapping wire mesh filters
  • Remouvable and dishwasher safe filters
  • Touch control or push button panel
  • 4 speed levels
  • Automatic shutdown setting
  • Energy saving mode
  • LED bulbs illumination
  • Aspiration power
  • Maximum aspiration power:540m/h
  • Sound level: 62dB
  • Aspiration or purifying systems with carbon filters
  • Stainless steel (AISI 304) Scotch Brite finish
  • Varnished steel
  • Plaster
  • Smooth
  • Epoka or Variant
  • border
  • With tiles
  • Prearranged for tiles
  • Prearranged for wood beam


certificazione CE

Certified technology

certificazione Alte Temperature


Corner with extended sides

A B Ø exhaust Max Power Spotlights Power
150 52/155 W 14 W